MERLOT Journal of Online Learning and Teaching
Vol. 10, No. 3, September 2014


Abstracts of papers in this issue



Research Papers


Impact of Instructor Intervention on the Quality and Frequency of Student Discussion Posts in a Blended Classroom
Cheryl A. Murphy and Russell A. Fortner


Designing a Mobile and Socially Networked Learning Assistant for a University-level Keyword Advertising Course
Partha Mukherjee, Brad Kozlek, Bernard J. Jansen, Allan Gyorke, and Cole W. Camplese


Guidelines for Online Course Moderation and Community Building from a Student’s Perspective
Joan Thormann and Patricia Fidalgo


Instructor Utilization Of Podcasts In The Online Learning Environment
Supawan Supanakorn-Davila and Doris U. Bolliger


Student Perceptions Of Online Interactive Versus Traditional Lectures; Or How I Managed Not To Fall Asleep With My Eyes Open
John O’Rourke, Susan Main, and Martin Cooper


Comparison of Nurse Anesthesia Student 12 Lead EKG Knowledge, Interpretation Skill, Satisfaction and Attitude: Traditional Instruction vs. Asynchronous Online Video Lecture
Laura Palmer, John M. O’Donnell, Dianxu Ren, and Richard Henker


The Importance of Student-Instructor Connections in Graduate Level Online Courses
Sheila A. Joyner, Matthew B. Fuller, Peggy C. Holzweiss, Susan Henderson, and Robert Young


Virtual Teaching Dispositions Scale (VTDS): A Multi-dimensional Instrument to Assess Teaching Dispositions in Virtual Classrooms
Anita G. Welch, Larry Napoleon, Brent Hill, and Elizabeth Roumell


Preferred Teaching Methods in Online Courses: Learners’ Views
Mansureh Kebritchi


Virtually the Same?: Student Perceptions of the Equivalence of Online Classes to Face-to-Face Classes
Carrie Anne Platt, Amber N. W. Raile, and Nan Yu


Case Studies

The Use of BlogTalkRadio in Online Management Classes
Marjorie Chan

Using Service Learning to Enhance a Hybrid Course Curriculum in the “Politics of Food”
Monique Mironesco

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