MERLOT Journal of Online Learning and Teaching
Vol. 10, No. 4, December 2014


Abstracts of papers in this issue



Research Papers


The Role of the Business Major in Student Perceptions of Learning and Satisfaction with Course Format
Douglas M. Sanford, Jr., Douglas N. Ross, Al Rosenbloom, Dan Singer, and Vince Luchsinger


Examining the Effects of Metacognitive Scaffolding on Students' Design Problem Solving and Metacognitive Skills in an Online Environment
Yun-Jo An and Li Cao


Classrooms Without Walls: A Comparison of Instructor Performance in online Courses Differing in Class Size
Chris Sorensen, Ph.D.


Social Network Analysis of Undergraduate Education Student Interaction in Online Peer Mentoring Settings
Regina Ruane, Ph.D. and Emmanuel F. Koku, Ph.D.


Comparison of College Studentsí Knowledge across Delivery Formats in a Required Physical Activity and Wellness Course
Cara L. Sidman, PhD; Michelle Lee D'Abundo, PhD, MSH, CHES; and Lea Bullard, MA


Are students studying in the online mode faring as well as students studying in the face-to-face mode? Has equivalence in learning been achieved?
Aluwesi Volau Fonolahi, M.G.M. Khan, and Anjeela Jokhan


Case Studies

Why Is Response To Intervention (RTI) So Important That We Should Incorporate It Into Teacher Education Programs and How Can Online Learning Help?
Nai-Cheng Kuo, Ph.D.


Impact of Reflective Practice on Online Teaching Performance in Higher Education
Kimberly LaPrade, Marjaneh Gilpatrick, and David Perkins


M-learning to Support Learning English in a Hong Kong University
David M. Kennedy


Position Papers


Color and Contrast in E-Learning Design: A Review of the Literature and Recommendations for Instructional Designers and Web Developers
Rick T. Richardson, M.Ed.; Tara L. Drexler, M.Ed.; and Donna M. Delparte, Ph.D.


Trends in the Design of E-Learning and Online Learning
Meaghan Lister


Concept Paper

The Graduate Virtual Classroom Webinar: A Collaborative and Constructivist Online Teaching Strategy
Michael Power and Annie St-Jacques


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