MERLOT Journal of Online Learning and Teaching
Vol. 11, No. 1, March 2015


Abstracts of papers in this issue



Research Papers


Digital Competence in the Knowledge Society
Eliana E. Gallardo-Echenique, Janaina Minelli de Oliveira, Luis Marqués-Molias, and Francesc Esteve-Mon


Content or platform: Why do students complete MOOCs?
Yuan Wang and Ryan Baker


Online Graduate Students’ Preferences of Discussion Modality: Does Gender Matter?
Yu-Hui Ching and Yu-Chang Hsu


Online Graduate Instruction: What Faculty Consider Reasonable In Relation to What Students Expect
Jeffrey L. Bailie


Student Attitudes Towards The Integration Of YouTube In Online, Hybrid, And Web-Assisted Courses: An Examination Of The Impact Of Course Modality On Perception
Nicole Buzzetto-More


Comparing Changes in Content Knowledge Between Online ProBLem Based Learning and Traditional Instruction in Undergraduate Health Professional Students
Kathleen Gould, William Sadera, and Scot McNary


Principles for Good Practice in Undergraduate Education: Effective Online Course Design to Assist Students’ Success
Tena B. Crews, Kelly Wilkinson, and Jason K. Neill


Case Studies


Teaching an Online Pedagogy MOOC
Sandra L. Miller, Ed.D.


Understanding by Design, Moodle, and Blended Learning: A Secondary School Case Study
Timothy P. Florian, EdD and Jay P. Zimmerman MA, NBCT


A Simple Suggestion for Reducing First-time Online Student Anxiety
David St Clair


Position Paper


Cyborg Teaching: The Transferable Benefits of Teaching Online for the Face-to- Face Classroom
Olivia Burgess, PhD


Concept Paper

Virtual Teaming and Digital Learning Strategies: Preparing Students for a Global Workplace
Darlene Andert and George Alexakis


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