From the JOLT Editors

With this second issue, the MERLOT Journal of Online Learning and Teaching breaks new ground. In our inaugural issue all of the papers were invited. In the current issue, however, all of the papers were submitted for peer review by the authors themselves. Following the submissions, reviews were conducted and publication recommendations made. Using the recommendations from the peer reviewers, the editors made the final decision on publication. About half of the papers submitted were accepted for publication in the current issue with some revision. Authors of the remaining manuscripts were encouraged to re-submit their papers for reconsideration at a later date with specific recommendations for improvement.

The time-consuming task of peer review would not have been successful without the able assistance of our panel of peer reviewers. Currently, over twenty volunteers serve on our our peer review panel. While most of these individuals are new to MERLOT, all indicated a willingness to serve. Each submitted a summary of his/her professional qualifications that were reviewed by the JOLT editorial staff before accepting the individual to our panel of reviewers. To these reviewers we all owe a debt of gratitude.

We hope you will join us in making our new journal a success in the academic community by becoming an author or a peer reviewer in the near future.

Tracy Penny Light and Edward H. Perry
JOLT Editors-in-Chief

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