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Vol. 7, No. 1, March 2011


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Research Papers


Students’ Perceptions of Online or Face-to-Face Learning and Social Media in Hospitality,
Recreation and Tourism
Mary F. Fortune, Melany Spielman, and Dean T. Pangelinan


Relationship between Students’ Motivation and their Participation in Asynchronous Online

Kui Xie,Vance Durrington, and Ling Ling Yen


Asynchronous Instructional Audio Feedback in Online Envrionments: A Mixed Methods Study
Larisa A. Olesova, Jennifer C. Richardson, Donald Weasenforth, and Christine Meloni


Tools to Support Career Advancement of Diverse Social, Behavioral, and Mental Health
Researchers: Comparison of In-person and Online Training Delivery Modes
Melissa E. DeRosier, Janey McMillen, Naomi Ornstein Davis, Rebecca Kameny, and Carly Hoffend

Teacher Educators Teaching and Learning Together: A Collaborative Self-study of Support
within an Online Literacy Learning Community

Ran Hu,
Tom Caron, Faye Deters, Lanette Moret, and Elizabeth A. Swaggerty


A Longitudinal Comparison of Online Versus Traditional Instruction
Suzanne C. Wagner, Sheryl J. Garippo, and Petter Lovaas

Taking the ‘Distance’ out of Distance Education: A Humorous Approach to Online Learning
Donna Gayle Anderson

Effective Online Instructional Competencies as Perceived by Online University Faculty and
Students: A Sequel Study
Jeffrey L. Bailie


Case Studies

Observing Emerging Student Networks on a Microblogging Service
Joanne Badge, Stuart Johnson, Alex Moseley, and Alan Cann


The Role of Web-Based Activities in Mediating Student Interaction and Engagement in Four
Teacher Education Classes
Qiuyun Lin

The Online "Supplemental" Workshop: Course Enrichment to Support Novice Teachers' Analysis
of Classroom Video
Laura H. Baecher and Shiao-Chuan Kung

Integrating Sustainability into the Business Curriculum through E-Learning
Pia A. Albinsson, B. Yasanthi Perera, and Pookie Sautter
Position Papers

Engaging Students through Communication and Contact: Outreach Can Positively Impact
Your Students and You!
Wendy Achilles, Kimberly Byrd, Jaclyn Felder-Strauss, Paul Franklin, and Joan Janowich

“Virtually there”: Making Online Training ‘Real’ for Caribbean Literacy Coaches – What
Governments Can Do

Michelle McAnuff-Gumbs


Concept Papers

Military Learners: Considerations for Online Course Design
David Starr-Glass

YouTube across the Disciplines: A Review of the Literature
Chareen Snelson
Expression and Connection: The Integration of the Reflective Learning Process and the Writing Process into Social Network Sites
Ji-Yong Park and Jeong-Bae Son

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